Google After death: Inactive Account Manager

What happens for your photos, email messages and documents whenever you stop making use of your account? Google puts you in charge.

You may want your data to become distributed to a dependable family member or friend, or even, you may want your account to become deleted completely. There are lots of situations that may stop you from accessing or making use of your Google accounts. , Google deliver the accessibility to deciding how it changes your data.

Utilizing Inactive Account Manager, you are able to assess if so when your account is actually treated as non-active, what goes on together with your data and that is informed.

Timeout period
You place a timeout time period, and after that your account could be classed as non-active. The additional time period depends on your final sign-in for your Google accounts.

Alert me
Non-active Account Manager will alert a person via email or even text prior to the timeout period finishes.

Alert contacts and share data
Include trusted contacts who else ought to be made which you might be no more making use of your account. You may also share data with these if you want.

Optionally remove and delete account
If you would like, instruct google to delete your own account for you.


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