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Google to build offshore data centers

Google may lastly make good on the four year-old particular to create offshore data facilities – cooled plus powered by the ocean, plus potentially beyond access from the government. A good investigative report by CNET discovered a lot of evidence connecting the particular search giant towards the mystical “Building 3” upon Treasure Island within Bay area Bay, over. Home appears to the bottom for any mysterious four-story framework on the nearby barge that will experts say will be in line with floating data center. In the mean time, the same four-story building has been towed on the barge into have within Portland, Maine, a couple weeks ago. Upon Wednesday, the Portland Herald believed that this barge might have connected with Google’s offshore data center.

Maui Shark Attacks Prompt University Of Hawaii Research

There has been five shark assaults on Maui this season, as well as the state of The Hawaiian islands has commissioned an investigation team to determine the reason why. The team just finished the first phase of the multi-part shark marking initiative. 14 tiger sharks and something sandbar shark had been tagged recently in order to track shark conduct and whereabouts close to Maui. Maui’s attacks take into account 1 / 2 of the entire shark attacks within Hawaii this season. Recently, the 45-year-old man has been swimming 50 back yards offshore for the aggressive saltwater shark grabbed him. He could elbow and punch the shark aside; however in Aug Jana Lutteropp had not been so fortunate. The particular 20-year-old girl has been attacked with a tiger shark plus died inside a hospital after one week.