A teenage girl dies after pharmacist won't give EpiPen without prescription

Dublin, Ireland – A teenage girl died on the road after a pharmacy refused at hand over a life-preserving adrenaline injection to the girl’s mother because she didn’t possess a prescription.

Emma Sloan, 14, experienced an hypersensitive reaction to peanuts after mistaking satay sauce for curry sauce at a Chinese eating place in Dublin. She seemed to be told by her mommy, Caroline, she was obtaining difficulty breathing.

The family rushed across the part to the Hamilton Long chemist retail outlet but a man worker advised Caroline they couldn’t supply her an EpiPen photo – a particular allergy injection – with no prescription. The worker encouraged Sloan to carry her daughter to medical center but Emma collapsed on the road outside.

A passing doctor, along with ambulance firefighters and staff members, attempted to resuscitate her however it was late too.


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