Amazon delivers its greatest package with a Nissan inside

From live life ladybugs to an one-ton gun safe and sound, Amazon’s need to sell everything beneath the sun knows several bounds – aside from new cars, which because of a briar patch of federal government and state laws and regulations may just be sold generally in most states by franchised sellers. That didn’t stop the business from creating a special delivery nowadays of what’s most likely its largest package however, albeit with just a little marketing assist from Nissan.

Within an advertising for the Nissan Versa Notice, Nissan exposed in September that three consumers who bought their vehicles through a promotional hyperlink on Amazon would obtain Versa Notes in another of Amazon’s traditional brownish boxes, plus a movie crew to record as soon as for publicity. (The initial 100 purchasers who clicked on the now-dead promotional hyperlink – which directed them with their local Nissan dealer – furthermore obtained $1,000 Amazon gift cards.)

A Reddit consumer snapped the pic above of 1 of the three vehicles getting its final shipping, something that will probably remain a novelty for several years ahead given traditional car sellers’ need to have consumers in showrooms instead of fully online. It isn’t clear yet whether the buyers got the traditional delivery charge waived by purchasing an Amazon Primary membership, but I am hoping they at least reach keep carefully the box — particularly if they don’t really have a garage currently.


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