Bill Gates may lose his name as largest Microsoft shareholder in 2014

Several days ago, Microsoft chairman Gates was named once more as the richest man on the globe by Bloomberg once. Based on their Billionaires Index, his net worth went up by $15.8 billion in 2013, bringing his whole fortune to an impressive $78.5 billion.

Part of the basis for that increase was initially that shares of Microsoft’s stock as well went higher in 2013. Gates owns about 4.5 % of the business and his shares are worthy of about $13.2 billion. He’s got remained the largest solitary shareholder of Microsoft as it was founded.

However, Gates has also been providing off his stock options in Microsoft over the years slowly. Computerworld notes that, in accordance with filings from the U.S. Exchange and securities Commission, he has offered about 80 million shares per year for the past 10 years. If Gates continues to market off his stock at that rate, he can become Microsoft’s second largest shareholder, behind current CEO Steve Ballmer, in mid-2014 sometime.

Ballmer announced ideas to retire because the company’s leader almost a year ago and we’re still awaiting expression on that will be his successor. Nevertheless, Ballmer has hinted no strategies are acquired by him to divest himself of his Microsoft stock. In his final annual letter to the business’s shareholders earlier, Ballmer said he “treasures his Microsoft stock.”


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