College Graduates Beg for a Downsizing Pool of Careers

That’s the brand new reality for today’s university graduates.
Have America’s teenagers been sold an expenses of products? They thought a degree guaranteed them an access to an excellent middle class life. Most are now learning that’s false as they battle to pay student education loans and try to deal with an anemic jobs marketplace. For-profit schools are advertising on Television to be able to perpetuate the myth a college education is really a panacea. Actually President Obama spouts that everyone is going to university, saying that’s exactly what will remedy the nation’s ills and stop us from falling in to the abyss of nationwide mediocrity.

But don’t depend on it. Even PhDs are experiencing trouble finding work. Dan Rather says within an episode entitled PhDon’t!, “If you were to think getting a sophisticated degree in technology or math is really a meal ticket for a lifetime career of the future, understand there’s a glut of extremely qualified PhD’s who’ll never get the work they spent over ten years training to accomplish.” Having stayed in college and gotten sophisticated degrees, they end up employed in low paid jobs as post docs nicely into their 30s. Consequently, much scientific talent will waste. Actually Shirley Tilghman, the President of Princeton University, herself a scientist, is currently dissuading students from making the decision to go after a scientific career.

It doesn’t create any sense to invest years in university, acquiring education loan debt, to then not really have the ability to find a job, or even to have one’s work outsourced after having discovered one. It creates more sense in my own estimation to check out my three guidelines for job selection: 1) Don’t train for employment which can be outsourced; 2) Don’t teach for employment from which you could be downsized; 3) Don’t teach for employment that requires someone to go into debt.

Instead of training for a leading edge career that requires one to be hired by way of a corporation, train for employment which has a more developed market that you could access when you are self-employed. Many university educated folks have an industry as a sideline or that they can pursue by themselves if their solutions are no more required by way of a corporation.


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