CoolMS content management system review

CoolMS is just a pretty small CMS, developed being an experiment to look at if the Nette Framework is definitely powerful enough to deal with owning a CMS. Nevertheless, CoolMS is really a pretty helpful toolkit for building smaller sized scale websites still.
The CMS includes all of the basic features a person would expect to come across in a CMS, you start with an administrative dashboard from where in fact the website’s content material is managed.
Utilizing a visual interface, the webmaster can truly add new pages, change this content of existing web pages, manage a blog page or handle the site’s menu.
Additionally, developers may also be in a position to extend the CMS’ efficiency via a simple motif and module system.

CoolMS Installation:
Download and unpack the CMS archive.
Move the information of the “/www” folder to your server’s root.
Move the rest of the files and folders one directory below your server root.
Create a MySQL database.
Modify the configuration records in the “/app/config” folder.
Runt the “/app/coolms.sql” computer file in your database.
Login via your web browser. Default credentials happen to be
Here are some important features of “CoolMS”:
Admin panel
Manage blog articles
Manage static pages
A file supervisor included
Extendable via modules
Menu manager
User manager
Download CoolMS content management system


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