Doctor shares simple ideas to keep disease fighting capability strong during flu season

Dr. Thomas Nielsen with U . s . Family Care says based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Alabama was the initial state with a widespread outbreak of the flu.

“The flu vaccine this season isn’t complete coverage. We’re definitely seeing individuals who had flu shot almost a year ago and today have verified flu,” Nielsen said.

Dr. Nielsen says there are several actions you can take to keep your disease fighting capability strong throughout a time when many people are getting sick.

Near the top of the listing are: eat nicely and exercise.

“Exercise strengthens our anatomies and we can fight off different attacks,” Nielsen said.

He furthermore says to drink a lot of water to avoid obtaining dehydrated, which lowers your body’s defenses.

Dr. Nielsen says furthermore advises patienst to safeguard themselves from germs left out by other people who are sick.

“Use cleaning items, germicides to clean down various areas. Especially popular areas, doorway knobs,” he said.

He says in case an individual touches a germy surface area and your nose, eyes, or mouth area they might infect themselves.

Just what exactly about taking vitamins to remain healthy?

“Unfortunately even more of the research we’ve done over previous decade or so considering vitamins in an official way, haven’t shown any longterm beneficial or short-term beneficial effects in battling colds,” Nielson said.


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