Escaped U.S. inmate turns himself in because of bitter cold

Just how cold could it be in Kentucky? Apparently chilly plenty of for an escaped prisoner to choose to show himself in.

Authorities stated the inmate escaped from the minimum security service in Lexington on Sunday. As temperatures dropped in to the low single digits Mon, officials say the person walked right into a motel and requested the clerk to contact police.

Robert Vick, 42, of Hartford informed the clerk he wished to change himself in and get away the arctic air flow, Lexington law enforcement spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts stated.

Vick was tested by paramedics and came back to Blackburn Correctional Complex.

“This is definitely of their own volition,” she stated. “It’s cold on the market, too cold to perform around. I can realize why the suspect would change himself in.”

Vick could have been dressed up in prison-issued khaki trousers, a shirt and a coat when he escaped, Division of Corrections spokeswoman Lisa Lamb stated. Wind chill readings had been 20 below zero Mon in Lexington.

The Lexington Fire Division handled Vick for hypothermia Mon night, Roberts said. A contact to the department had not been immediately returned Tuesday morning hours.

Vick was helping a six-year sentence for burglary and criminal possession of a forged device during the get away from Blackburn Correctional Middle.

There was no solution at the Sunset Motel and Cafe, where Roberts stated Vick surrendered, on Tuesday morning hours.


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