Fort Pierce Police Division unveils new armored truck

Law enforcement in Fort Pierce are actually armed with a U.S. military surplus fight wagon: a six wheel, 30-ton armored vehicle well worth $700,000 – that the agency got for $2,000.
“In the event that you see my SWAT group roll-up in this, it’s more than, so just quit,” said Law enforcement Chief Sam Baldwin.

Nevertheless Baldwin hopes the mine-resistant, ambush protection automobile simply stays parked. If utilized, it might be for transporting the SWAT group and for a cellular command and rescue automobile.

Officer Keith Holmes obtained the automobile in October through the auspices of the National Protection Authorization Act. Which allows the armed service to transfer excess armed service vehicles to police agencies. The town got a little-used design with 5,000 kilometers on it.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Workplace helped in obtaining the vehicle painted free of charge, therefore the sides say “Law enforcement” and “Fort Pierce.”

It’s the city’s second SWAT automobile. In 2009 the town got, free of charge, a van built with a ramp on the top for getting into 2nd- and third-story buildings.


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