Honey Boo's family members really sore after vehicle accident

Alana “Honey Boo” Thompson and her family members came out of car crash without serious accidental injuries Monday night time, but “Mama June” states they’re “really sore nowadays.”

The reality TV celebrities’ Chevrolet Suburban collided with a pickup at an intersection in Milledgeville, Georgia, Law enforcement Maj.

“It had been really scary for all of us, since it was the very first time anybody had ever experienced a wreck,” “Mama June” Shannon stated in a statement delivered to CNN by TLC, the channel that bears the series.

“Sugar Bear” Thompson — Alana’s dad — was traveling the SUV once the crash happened, Davis stated.

non-e of the household was taken up to a hospital although there have been complaints of discomfort, he said. Paramedics examined them out at the wreck picture, he said.

“We have been definitely really sore nowadays, but our priority would be to celebrate Pumpkin’s birthday,” mom said. “She turned 14 today, no issue how sore we sense, we will venture out and celebrate. As usually, you want to thank everyone for his or her support and nicely wishes.”

Pumpkin is among Alana’s older sisters.

Police in Milledgeville, that is about 20 kilometers north of these hometown of McIntyre, Georgia, were nevertheless investigating, Davis said.


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