Mitt Romney welcomes MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry apology over black son jokes

Willard Mitt Romney approved an apology from MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry who openly mocked his household photo featuring his followed African-American grandson Kieran James.
“I recognize that people make mistakes,sunday with Chris Wallace ” Romney said on Fox Announcement. “And individuals at MSNBC made a huge mistake. And they’ve apologized for this. And that’s whatever you can request.”
Day before a, Harris-Perry presented a tearful apology to the Romney relatives and to other family members shaped through transracial adoption.
“I’m deeply sorry that people suggested that interracial family members are in any manner funny or worthy of ridicule,” she said.
During the “Nerdland represents Caption That!” segment on Dec. 29, Harris-Perry and her panel of guests cracked jokes in regards to the Romney family’s Christmas cards photo, showing the previous GOP presidential candidate and his spouse Ann sitting in the center of their 22 grandchildren, with little one Kieran seated on Romney’s right knee.
“One of these simple things is not such as the various other,” one guest sang. One additional joked that the photo sums up the diversity of the Republican Event “really.”


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