Officials investigating two-alarm home fire in San Jose

San Jose fire officials state they suspect an arsonist reaches work again Saturday morning hours and they’re supplying a $10,000 incentive for information resulting in an arrest and conviction.

Arson investigators want right into a house fire near 17th Road and East St. John. It broke out soon after 4:00 a.m.

A jogger spotted the fire and rousted two elderly residents plus some neighbors. He then ran a few blocks to a firehouse to obtain help.

The fire was on the top of the aged Victorian house and the roof partially collapsed as fire crews attempted to climb upward there, so that they backed off.

They had to battle the fire from protective positions outside.

Officials told ABC7 Information this fire is probable be another situation of arson.

“Absolutely Suspicious. Perform we suspect that is most likely the arsonist whose been establishing these fires? We extremely suspect that it probably is but we certainly cannot say completely that’s what it really is, and it’s really being investigated at this time. Arson investigators and fire investigators are usually here on scene to obtain as much evidence because they can,” San Jose Fire Division Capt. Barry Ehlers stated.

Saturday morning’s fire will be in exactly the same area in which a string of suspicious fires possess burned since Wednesday morning hours.

The reason for the fire continues to be under investigation.


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