One of final season’s Ravens Super Bowl Rings already for sale at auction

For some NFL players, a Super Bowl ring will be the very last thing they’d sell.
The ring may be the symbol of an existence objective, winning a championship. However, not every player feels exactly the same attachment to the band. The band might mean even more to a celebrity quarterback or longtime veteran beginner than it could to a player who was simply on hurt reserve all season.

Which is most likely why Damien Berry’s Super Bowl XLVII band will be up for auction currently, less than per year after he gained it as section of the Ravens group that won everything. stated Berry’s ring (it isn’t the main one pictured above, that’s Ray Lewis’ ring) is among 12 championship rings that’ll be up for auction beginning Jan. 13 at Ravens linebacker Jamie Sharper’s band from Super Bowl XXXV can be up for sale.

For Berry, it most likely is practical. It’s not like he previously a big state in the Ravens’ make an impression on the 49ers.

Berry has been on the Ravens’ exercise squad in 2011, after that on injured reserve most of last time of year as Baltimore marched to the name. He was reduce by the Ravens before this year and not found by another group. He never appeared in virtually any sport for the Ravens.

But even as a new player on IR he obtained a band … he apparently just would prefer to have the money when compared to a ring from the season where he didn’t play a casino game.

Championship rings can be purchased occasionally, but usually not significantly less than per year after they’re provided.

“It is a rare chance for a fan or perhaps a collector to own a Super Bowl ring significantly less than a year after it had been earned and one from the landmark NFL sport,” Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin informed the Ravens’ website.

The Ravens site’s tale says the ring will be 3.75 carat with 243 round slice diamonds. So, it’s fairly subtle. Even though probably the most hardcore of Ravens followers may not know Berry, it is a good bet the band will fetch a good price. It’s not just like a collector can wait around and lender on Joe Flacco’s band approaching for sale any time in the future.


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