Prosecutor: Speed not essential in Michael Schumacher ski accident

A French prosecutor investigating a ski incident in which former globe champion racing driver Michael Schumacher has been seriously injured stated Wednesday that speed had not been an important factor.

Schumacher has been around a medically induced coma for days gone by 10 days and contains undergone two surgeries because the December 29 incident. His doctors say he could be in stable but crucial condition.

Prosecutor Patrick Quincy, talking at an information conference in Albertville, stated the investigation had produced progress but could nevertheless take weeks to complete.

“Speed is not an especially important element for all of us for the reason that inquiry,” he said.

Law enforcement investigator Stephane Bozon stated it was extremely hard to estimate Schumacher’s velocity when it comes to kilometers each hour, “but this is the speed of a good skier on a slope that was not so steep.”

Another investigator, Benoit Vinneman, said Schumacher was touring at “a standard speed for a skilled skier.”

Quincy ruled out issues with Schumacher’s skis, which he stated were almost fresh. The piste, or ski work, also were correctly marked in accordance with French requirements, he said.


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