Walt Disney was a big old bigot

The “August: Osage County” celebrity hit out at the business enterprise magnate while talking at the Hollywood Foreign Push Association gala in NEW YORK on Tuesday, where she has been invited to honour Emma Thompson on her behalf portrait of Mary Poppins’ creator PL Travers in “Saving Mr Banks”.

Streep stated of Thompson: “Not merely is she not really irascible, she’s virtually a saint. There’s something so consoling about this aged trope, but Emma enables you to want to destroy yourself, because she’s a lovely artist, she’s an author, she’s a thinker, she’s a full time income, acting conscience.”

However, the 64-year-aged actress utilized her nine-minute speech to toss in some delicate digs at Walt Disney, who she top quality a “hideous anti-Semite”.

In accordance with Variety, Streep said: “A few of his associates documented that Walt Disney didn’t enjoy ladies”, before quoting animator Ward Kimball as stating: “He didn’t trust ladies or cats.”

She then read aloud a letter compiled by Walt Disney’s organization in 1938 to an aspiring woman animator, which stated: “Women usually do not do the creative work regarding the planning the cartoons for the display, as that task is conducted entirely by teenagers.”

Streep curved off her speech with a poem she wrote for Thompson, titled “A good ode to Emma or What Emma will be Owed”, where she described her buddy as a “knockout” and “Oscar gold”.


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