WP Max Submit Protect plugin review

Some appications, such as for example ecommerce sites, might have administration types that submit more than one thousand parameters. PHP, automagically, is set to simply accept only 1 thousand parameters therefore a few of the submitted data will get lost.

Most programs don’t check if they received everything, therefore data will get broken very easily and silently. A WooCommerce item with 40 variations might have over 1300 submitted type items, so when saving the merchandise you do not know that a lot of that data has been discarded.

Luckily the maximum amount of accepted parameters could be transformed in php.ini The thing is, many site owners do not know this must be done until it really is too past due and their WooCommerce shop has dropped half its item variations.

To safeguard yourself and make certain the server limit will not catch you unawares, set up this plugin and allow it run in the backdrop. Each time you make an effort to submit an application in the admin webpages (e.g. updating a WooCommerce item with plenty of variatrions) this plugin will be sure the amount of form parameters you’re about to submit will not exceed the server control. If it can, then it will let you know and give you the chance to postpone the submit when you raise the server settings. The hyperlink above describes how exactly to set the limitations on the server. The PHP ini settings which could affect the info in large types are:

Download WP Max Submit Protect


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