Harry Potter should have married Hermione

After yrs of squabbling, Harry Potter’s close friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger lastly became an item — however now their creator JK Rowling offers admitted she made a blunder by marrying them off.

Hermione — whose quick wits obtain the teen wizards out of several a scrape in Rowling’s strike novels — could have been much better off with hero Harry, the British writer said in feedback published by the Sunday Occasions newspaper.

Actually, Ron and Hermione may likely have ended up in relationship counselling, Rowling suggested.

“For reasons that have hardly any related to literature and far more related to me clinging to the plot when i first imagined it, Hermione were left with Ron,” Rowling says within an interview with Wonderland magazine, previewed by the Sunday Occasions and due out next Fri.

“I know, I’m sorry, I could listen to the rage and fury it could cause some followers, but if I’m absolutely truthful, distance has provided me perspective on that. It had been a choice I designed for very personal reasons, not really for reasons of credibility.

“Am I busting people’s hearts by stating this? I am hoping not.”

Rowling’s interviewer in Wonderland has been non-e apart from British actress Emma Watson, who performed Hermione in the blockbuster film series in line with the Potter books.

The actress agreed with Rowling, saying: “I believe there are fans on the market who know that as well and who question whether Ron could have really been able to create her happy.”

Rowling has sold a lot more than 450 million copies of the Harry Potter books, that have been made into eight movies starring Daniel Radcliffe, Watson and Rupert Grint as Ron.

The franchise has produced Rowling around fortune of £560 million ($920 million, 683 million euros), based on the Sunday Times’ Rich List 2013.


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