Microsoft's little-known CFO Amy Hood to end up visible if Nadella gets CEO

If Microsoft chooses Cloud chief Satya Nadella as outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer’s replacement, then your company’s little recognized CFO, Amy Hood, will be reportedly going to play a far more prominent role at the business.

With Nadella because the CEO, activist shareholder ValueAct Funds, which now includes a voice on the table, would press corporate management to improve shareholder value.

It really is here that Hood as a mix with the geek CEO would enter into actions, as she understands the monetary community’s language and knows how exactly to communicate to those people in a crisp, no-nonsense method that’ll be a big help as it pertains time and energy to make tough reorganization choices, Cnet reports.

Based on the report, Hood spent some time working in the server and equipment company at Goldman Sachs before becoming a member of Microsoft in 2002 and final May, she was promoted because the CFO.

The report said that within the next 12 weeks Microsoft will face enormous stress to contain, and also cut, costs after the Nokia acquisition closes and the business finds itself with approximately 130,000 individuals on the payroll and Hood’s role because the CFO would are more prominent.


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