what vitamin helps hair growth and thickness

Sometimes you might be seeing a lot of hair in your brush than regular for a number of reasons. Hair loss is an extremely common problem.
Vitamin deficiencies, thyroid complications, menopause stress and tension are all culprits of hair thinning. If a condition is causing your hair thinning, it may have to be treated. If your hair loss isn’t that severe, adding special vitamins and minerals might be the solution.
Recommends: VITAMINS
– Some Vitamin tablets available over-the-counter are:

These ought to be taken once each day until you notice your hair loss reduce. Sometimes lack of Minerals and vitamins can cause hair loss.
– Along with this the available gels, There are several great alcohol free solutions obtainable over the counter which will not cause any discomfort tp the scalp.
Recommends: LOTIONS & SPRAYS
Some very nice alcohol free products obtainable over-the-counter are Q-Sera,


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