How exactly to delete texts fro you own iphone inside iOS 7

It was previously easy to delete texts from your own iPhone (or even, Perhaps, your iPad if you are using iMessages), but with iOS 7, there’s a Get in touch with switch up there,
It is possible to still delete whole message conversations by swiping left in the set of all of your texts, but how will you delete specific messages inside a conversation? Swiping left just teaches you the timestamps from the communications.

the solution.
When you’re inside a text message conversation, denoted with a get in touch with name at the very top, and all of the communications are from that get in touch with or group, faucet and hang on any one information bubble. You’ll get yourself a pop-up menu which has two choices: Duplicate, and Even more.

The main one you initially tapped on could have a packed in circle having a whitened checkmark in the center of it. Touch on the rest of the messages you intend to trash, and strike the trashcan symbol in the low left corner from the display. Touch the Delete Information key that slides up from underneath, and you’re all set.

Coincidently, you can even send the selected messages to some contact as a note, and this fresh method includes a dual purpose. Simply hit the tiny talk about arrow in the low right part, and you’ll have the ability to deliver the selected information (or picture, or hyperlink) to any get in touch with as a fresh Message. Slick.


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